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About Equity Capitals

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Equity Capitals is a registered broker-dealer specializing in private securities.

Collaboration with us is a high-tech process of integrating each client into Equity Capitals's unique investor community to strengthen the financial stability of each of them and to obtain a stable profit without risk of losing capital. We are not just a trading company. Equity Capitals is a tool that allows everyone to develop potential, making investments based on our technologies.

We offer our partners attractive terms of collaboration. The right to use the company's brand, a well-established algorithm for conducting business, comprehensive support from company specialists. Attractive conditions for investing in the fastest-growing company will help you to invite potential clients for cooperation easily.

Our goal is to provide all parties with the information they need, allowing a smooth progression in our transactions from the pre-marketing phase to the close. We make it easy for you to focus on deals while we run the compliance functions.


Equity Capitals

  • Broker-dealer firm in business since 2019.
  • Supervised over 1000 successful transactions in private deals ranging from $1 million to over $100 million.
  • Specialize in capital raises, M&A opportunities and secondary sales of private stock.
  • Headquartered in Maryland, with registered representatives in some countries

Delivering Results

We are one of the world’s leading private multi-asset alternative investment firms.

A totally new way to grow your Investment
We are adding extra value for your Investment
Award-winning Capital Investment platform
At Equity Capitals, we pride ourselves on asking questions, planning and creating something out of nothing. We are entrepreneurs, inventors, scientists, and engineers shaping the future of finance in a collaborative, stimulating environment.

The Equity Capitals platform

  • Built by brokers for brokers
  • Independent contractor model
  • Proprietary software supports many private placement deal types
  • Chaperone service enables foreign placement agents to show mandates to US institutional investors

Equity Capitals Transactions Since 2019

  • Over $1 Billion in transaction value
  • More than 800 domestic private placement transactions
  • Over 61,000,000 euros and 39,000,000 pounds in transaction value
  • Over $35M commissions generated by reps
  • More than 900 institutional or accredited investors served

WHY CHOOSE Equity Capitals


Value creation for investors that challenges and disrupts the traditional, thereby creating a new way of investing.


An intelligent, scientific approach where data is optimized to simplify investment decisions.


Ensuring transparency in investors interests while maintaining high levels of privacy with transaction details.

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